Marketing translations require genuine creativity

To deliver your messages effectively in a foreign language, you need to adapt them to suit the target market, and adopt a qualitative editorial approach.

When translating marketing documents, it is not simply a case of translating information. It requires a great deal of creativity. You could describe it as “transcreation”. Not only do you need to reproduce content in another language, you need to adapt your messages to the target market to communicate effectively.

This implies both a perfect knowledge of your target market and an in-depth understanding of your product or the technology that you are presenting. To transcribe your message using the appropriate style and words, also requires excellent editorial skills.

illustrations transcréation
r’Go Translations employs only native translators of the target country to guarantee a perfect command of the specific language and culture. When they are confident that the cultural references they are using are perfectly relevant, your marketing teams save time and avoid making potentially harmful errors when addressing their market.

We also select translators who are very familiar with your line of business. Our services combine creativity and a global understanding of your products, helping you to convey your brand message effectively.

Our marketing translations include all types of marketing and internal or external communication documents such as

  • Brochures
  • Sales presentations
  • Marketing campaigns, Social media campaigns
  • White papers
  • Sales material
  • Case studies
  • Contracts
  • User licenses
  • Press releases
  • Websites, multimedia support

Our clients are our best ambassadors !

The r’Go Translations agency is dynamic, pragmatic and quick to respond, proposing high value-added services across the entire digital marketing and communication spectrum” Frédéric Richer, EMEA Marketing, Serena Software (France).