Quality control: how to be confident about your products

An outside expert’s view is a guarantee of quality for your localized products.

Do you want to make sure that you are offering quality localized products, but sometimes lack the internal resources you need to check that your translations are perfectly adapted and accurate?

By requesting a second opinion, you increase your chances of achieving the perfect result.

illustrations Controle qualité
At r’Go Translations, we offer not only an outside opinion, we also provide our technical expertise and well-proven methods.

We manage the quality control process and validate the linguistic aspects of your localization project.

  Our services include:

  • Testing (in line with your requirements or based on tests proposed by our teams)
  • Checking product compliance with target market requirements (terminology, style and presentation) and appropriate translation of the original product
  • Validating the documentation after testing the user interface to ensure that consistent terminology is employed throughout the documentation and software
  • Reporting and correction of errors and anomalies, if necessary
  • Checking compliance with your specifications, glossary and style guide
  • Drafting of recommendations for the translators and client

r’Go Translations also provides advisory and audit services for companies considering localizing their products or improving their existing processes.

Our clients are our best ambassadors!


r’Go Translations managed the linguistic and technical validation of 16 marketing brochures. We were very impressed by their professionalism and the level of attention to detail. Feedback from our teams on the ground was full of praise”.   Shelli Zargary, ‎Director of Corporate Marketing, Top Image Systems (TIS) (Israël).