Software localization: as seen from an end user perspective

To be able to localize software, a translator needs to be a native speaker of the user’s language and take into account local technical specifications.

As a software publisher, you have a strict set of requirements as far as quality, precision and expertise are concerned. To provide a richer user experience, you adopt a language or jargon that users are familiar with and employ in their profession. The same principle should apply when translating your tools.

r’Go Translations localizes your software and perfectly adapts it to the target audience. Localization involves tailoring software to the needs of a specific language, country, or even a particular region.

illustrations Localisation de logiciel
Not only does the process require technological adaptations, for example changes to regional settings, it also involves translating the user interface, including system messages, user messages, menus, dialog boxes and the entire documentation.

To carry out this task, the translator must think and act like an end user, acquire the same business knowledge and actually use the software. Once the translation has been integrated, we test the software in real user conditions, reviewing each feature or function to check that the relevant terms are displayed.

We translate all your documents

  • User interface, resource files
  • Main module, patches and add-ons: :
    • installation wizard and billboards,
    • user registration program,
    • user licenses (EULA), etc.

The secret to our efficiency lies in our ability to apply strict working methods

    • Creation of a specific software glossary in accordance with the appropriate technological terms or use of on an existing glossary
    • Translation of UI strings according to customer specifications, adapting the software to fit target market requirements
    • Software testing and validation in real user conditions (we run the software to check the user interface and all dialog boxes)

Our clients are our best ambassadors !


r’Go Translations is our service provider for the French market and we trust them entirely. This agency has in-depth knowledge of the localization industry. They work successfully alongside our development teams and linguists”Masahiro Arai, Embarcadero (United States).