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ALM, CRM, IA, Business Intelligence,

ECM, ERP, Print Management, FinTech,

AppDev, DevOps, Mainframes,

Programming languages, Databases,

Cloud, Agile, Medical Devices, etc.


r’Go Translations,
is your reliable translation partner for the French market

Specializing in new technologies and IT, r’Go Translations can translate your content from English into French. Our agency offers you guidance, providing innovative ideas and support to help develop your business on the French market.

As a software publisher or an IT company, your aim is to build a partnership with a trustworthy translation service provider. Translation, adaptation into French and software localization are what our business is all about.
Whatever the type of document (software, manual, website or brochure), you can rely on our expertise in the areas of localization, information technologies, project management and communication.


Our areas of activity

Why do you need translations?

Are you aiming to conquer the French market? Here are four good reasons why you should translate your products:

1 You gain a leading edge on your competitors. Being the first to offer potential clients a product that is already adapted to the French market is clearly a competitive advantage.

2 You increase your chances of winning tenders: it is very common for key accounts and government administrations to demand products that are entirely adapted to the French market.

3 You enhance your corporate image: users and customers appreciate your efforts to go that extra mile to respect their culture. Impress them even more by providing excellent quality!

4  4) It is required by law. According to the Toubon Act of 4 August 1994, “the use of French is compulsory for the designation, promotion and presentation of a good, product or service as well as for user manuals and instructions, warranty scope and conditions, invoices and receipts”. Large international groups have already been fined for not supplying French versions of internal documents (2006) or software used by their employees (2012).

Why choose us?

We created r’Go Translations to offer support to software publishers and IT companies embarking on translation projects. Our aim is to help them face the challenges of cost reduction, budget management, increasingly tight deadlines (pressure due to simultaneous releases), implementation of agile development methods, etc. Choose r’Go Translations and opt for a partnership based on two core values:

 Trustworthiness: Establishing a relationship of trust is the key to success for any large-scale project. We earn the trust of our customers by paying close attention to their needs, and by reacting quickly to provide them with top quality services.


Innovation: To ensure that we remain perfectly up to date, we monitor developments in our working fields and undergo continuous training. Innovation is also about suggesting new ideas to our customers, offering solutions that make their lives easier and save them time.